Mesh Plus

Mesh+ is a plugin for Grasshopper 3d enabling a wide range of mesh topological and geometric editors.

  • Analyze | Returns, topological, geometric, and contextual mesh information
  • Show | Displays topological information
  • Select | Allows for manual or parameter driven interaction with Rhino or Grasshopper meshes
  • Modify | Changes topological properties of a mesh
  • Edit | Alters the physical and makeup of a mesh
  • Make | Creates meshes from a series of geometric inputs
  • Map | Uses Barycentric mapping to morph geometery into mesh face bays
  • Smooth | Applies a series of weighted smoothing methods
  • Subdivision | Divides faces into new configurations in comprehensive sets based on edge consistency
  • Effects | Applies a series of more complex mesh configurations to existing mesh faces
  • Volume | Creates meshes spanning between two similar meshes of tripoly periodic surfaces and custom solutions.
  • Weave | Creates physically seperated but interlinked meshes
  • Loop | Creates iterative relief effects